Q and A: Salvation

CLC Ministry by MailA Scriptural, Gospel-oriented sermon, updated weekly

The Lutheran SpokesmanThe CLC’s devotional magazine, updated monthly

The Journal of TheologyIn-depth Scriptural studies by CLC clergymen, updated quarterly (This is a large Adobe Acrobat “PDF” file.)

“WELS and CLC – How Do They Differ?”Explains why the CLC and the Wisconsin Synod are not in fellowship

CLC Statement on Faith and Purpose – A small pamphlet that briefly and simply explains some of our doctrinal positions.

Introduction to the CLC – A short and concise introduction to our fellowship

History of the CLC – also shows the difference between the CLC and other Lutherans

Concerning Church Fellowship (CCF) – The CLC’s statement on the important Scriptural principle of church fellowship

Concerning Church and Ministry (CCM) – Statement on the Relation of Synod and Local Congregation to the Holy Christian Church.